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Pediatric Dentistry

They’ll Be Knee-High by the 4th of July

Setting Kids Up for Success

Since it’s so important for us to help patients relax in our office, The Dental Loft goes the extra mile to make sure our youngest patients enjoy their time with us. Dr. Donnell-Randall and our team tell kids what’s happening, answer their questions, and show them healthy teeth are part of being stronger and more confident as they grow. We also offer family appointment blocks for your convenience!

Grow with The Dental Loft

Dr. Stefanie Donnell-Randall starts your child on the path to a lifetime of oral health!

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Bright Smiles from the Beginning

Start kids with consistent oral hygiene and regular dental appointments to make a place for permanent teeth.

From wiping baby’s gums with a washcloth from their first day of life to watching them brush and floss on their own, keeping baby teeth sound sets the table for adult teeth that come later. Regular hygiene and professional cleaning appointments at The Dental Loft get your child ready for big-kid teeth when they arrive!

Dental sealants keep little molars free of cavities and tooth decay.

Dental sealants are a thin resin-based coating painted on teeth to protect against cavities. They’ve been a safe, effective treatment for cavity prevention in children for decades—and research has shown that sealing the biting surfaces of six-year molars can reduce cavity development by 60-80%.

Kids & Root Canals

Unfortunately, this does happen occasionally. So, what’s a baby root canal?

A baby root canal, or pulpotomy, is the most common nerve treatment needed in baby teeth. When a cavity in the baby tooth affects the nerve, that part of the nerve is removed to maintain the health of the tooth, supporting gum tissue, and bone. The most lasting restoration following pulpotomy is a crown.

What’s the difference between pulpotomy & pulpectomy?

Let’s get technical! There are two different kinds of baby root canals, and the words sound interchangeable: pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

  • Pulpotomy means the pulpal tissue is removed in the crown only; and
  • Pulpectomy is when pulpal tissue is removed in both the crown and the root.

Older kids become concerned about having straight, white teeth, so The Dental Loft helps reinforce healthy habits.

Being aware of the oral-systemic wellness connection and keeping consistent oral hygiene routines are older kids’ best bet for brighter teeth and fresher breath. If they need a little straightening, 16 years or older, and are good candidates, we can also provide them with Six Month Smiles® orthodontics. If you have questions, call Dr. Stefanie Donnell-Randall today!

Grow with The Dental Loft

Dr. Stefanie Donnell-Randall starts your child on the path to a lifetime of oral health!

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